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Expansion Update


Work In Progress

Expansion Has Started!

The quick facts:
Who is the architect? – Hagney Architects of Rockford
Who is the construction firm? – Rockford Structures
Who is supervising the construction? – Mr. John Hooker

Watch us grow!
(December 2011 Archive - More Recent First)

Thursday, December 29 - A second level of wood planks were laid to prepare for another layer of concrete along the outer walls.

December 29 #1  December 29 #2  December 29 #3

Wednesday, December 28 - The first layer of concrete is poured with rebar embedded for what will eventually be the new walls.

December 28 #1  December 28 #2

Tuesday, December 27 - Wood planks were laid into the outside boundary of the footing in preparation for the first layer of concrete.

December 27 #1  December 27 #2

Thursday, December 22 - The hole was packed with clean fill in preparation for laying the footings.

Construction Photo 4  Construction Image 5

Wednesday, December 21st - Ground breaking proceeded at a steady pace.

Construction Photo 1  Construction Photo 2  Construction Photo 3

Tuesday, December 20th - Trees were cleared for the adult side expansion.

Planning stage archive

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