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Expansion Photos - February 2012


Cherry Valley Public Library - Under Construction

Watch us grow!
(February 2012 Archive - Most Recent First)

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Friday, February 24 - In preparation for the addition of a sink in the Public Meeting Room, the floor was removed and a trench was dug. Plumbing for drainage was installed in the trench.

Meeting Room 2/24/12 Meeting Room 2/24/12

Electrical lines were run on the adult side as well.

Adult Side 2/24/12

Wednesday, February 15 - The framing on the teen side was completed and the roof was added.

Teen Side 2/15/12 Teen Side 2/15/12

Friday, Feburary 10 - The removal of the outside wall on the Adult side of the library was completed and all of the cinder blocks were removed. Also, over the last day or two the roof was added and iron workers continued their work on the metal structure.

Adult Side 2/10/12 Adult Side 2/10/12  Adult Side 2/10/12

Thursday, February 9 - Welding work was in full swing on the Adult side structure. Demolition of the outside wall also continued at a brisk pace.

Adult Side 2/9/12 Adult Side 2/9/12 Adult Side 2/9/12

Wednesday, February 8 - The temporary wall on the Adult side is completed, and demolition of the outside wall began immediately with the removal of the windows.

Adult Side 2/8/12 Adult Side 2/8/12
While most of the attention focused on the Adult expansion, the Teen side had its partially contructed framing.

Teen Side 2/8/12

Tuesday, February 7 - The temporary wall at the back of the Adult side is almost completed, with layers of drywall, plywood and insulation. The last piece would be finalized as soon as the radiators could be removed.

Adult Side 2/7/12 Adult Side 2/7/12 Adult Side 2/7/12

Monday, February 6 - A lot of progress! A crane arrived early along with steel beams. By the end of the day the basic structure for the Adult expansion was in place.

Adult Side 2/6/12 Adult Side 2/6/12 Adult Side 2/6/12
The temporary wall along the back of the adult side also progressed quickly, with the metal studs installed early in the day and plywood and drywall being brought in before the day was done.

Adult Side 2/10/12 Adult Side 2/10/12

Friday, February 3 - Removal of the stacks on the back wall of the Adult side was completed.

Adult Stacks 2/3/12

Thursday, Feburary 2 - Work continued on the removal of the soffit from the teen expansion site.

Teen Side 2/2/12 Teen Side 2/2/12
Library staff relocated a portion of the Large Print collection, the Oversized item collection and the Romance collection and removed shelves to clear the back wall of the adult side for construction of a temporary wall inside the existing wall, and then removal of the outside wall.

Adult Stacks 2/2/12 Adult Stacks 2/2/12

Wednesday, February 1 - There was further removal of the soffit on the adult side, revealing the bricks underneath.

Adult Side 2/1/12
In preparation for construction of a temporary wall inside the existing wall, and then removal of the outside wall, library staff prepared to remove books and shelves from the back wall of the adult side.

Adult Stacks 2/1/12 Adult Stacks 2/1/12

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