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Expansion Photos - January 2012


Cherry Valley Public Library - Under Construction

Watch us grow!
(January 2012 Archive - More Recent First)

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Tuesday, January 31 - Removal of the metal siding, insulation and framework of the soffits moved along swiftly on both expansion sites.

Adult Side 1/31/12 Teen Side 1/31/12

Monday, January 30 - Clean fill was added and smothed on the teen side of the library, while one of our small patrons enjoyed watching the progress.

Teen Side 1/30/12
Teen Side 1/30/12

Friday, January 27 - The final edge of footings on the adult side was completed and more clean fill was brought in. On the teen side, drilling of rebar into the outside walls had the place jumping for a while.

Adult Side 1/27/12
Teen Side 1/27/12

Thursday, January 26 - Re-packing of the soil around the outsides of the footings on both sides commenced

Adult Side 1/26/12 Teen Side 1/26/12

Wednesday, January 25 - Truck loads of clean fill were brought in to level off what will be the foundation on the adult side.

Adult Side 1/25/12  Adult Side 1/25/12 
And early in the morning the cement was poured for the remainder of the footings on the teen side.
Adult Side 1/25/12 
By the end of the day the fill for the adult side was completely in and being packed down.
Adult Side 1/25/12

Monday, January 23 - The workers started removing the forms from around the concrete that had been poured on Friday on the Adult side.

Adult Side 1/23/12 Adult Side 1/23/11

Friday, January 20 - After a few days of needed planning and a battle with cold temperatures, pouring of concrete for the next level of footings commenced despite the falling snow.

Adult Side 1/20/12 Adult Side 1/20/12 Adult Side 1/20/12

Friday, January 13 - The first snow of the season arrived the day before and covered the two work areas in whiteness.

Teen Side 1/13/12 Adult Side 1/13/12

Monday, January 9 - Still on the teen side, a second level of wood planks were laid to prepare for another layer of concrete footings along the outer walls.

January 9 #1  January 9 #2

Friday, January 6 - The morning was spent laying the boards to outline the footings of the new exterior walls. By the end of the day, the first layer of cement was poured.

January 6 #1  January 6 #2  January 6 #3

Thursday, January 5 - The hole was expanded on the teen side and clean fill was added along the boundary in preparation to lay the footings for the new exterior walls.

January 5 #1  January 5 #2

Wednesday, January 4 - With the old patio completely removed, digging commenced for laying the first level of footings for the expansion on the teen side.

January 4 #1  January 4 #2  January 4 #3

Tuesday, January 3 - The action moved over to the "teen patio", which will become the new Teen Zone. The existing cement needed to be removed so that an even foundation could be laid. Cement was broken into pieces and then lifted out to be removed.

January 3 #1  January 3 #2  January 3 #3

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