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Expansion Photo Album


Cherry Valley Public Library - Under Construction

Expansion Photo Album - Watch us grow!
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Friday, April 13 - There was more work on the roof of the Adult side.

Adult Side 4/13/12 Adult Side 4/13/12

Thursday, April 12 - The newly painted wall behind the Circulation desk helps to accentuate the quilt on display. Also, a makeshift Circulation station is put together for the section that has been moved.

Painting 4/12/12 Circulation 4/12/12

Wednesday, April 11 - The framework for the interior walls in both the Adult and Teen expansions were added

Teen Side 4/11/12 Adult Side 4/11/12

Wednesday, April 4 - It was a busy morning of painting and moving half of the Circulation desk to the Childrens' side of the library.

Painting 4/4/12 Circ Desk 4/4/12 Circ Desk 4/4/12

Tuesday, April 3 - Work began in earnest on the roof on the adult side.

Adult Side 4/2/12 Adult Side 4/3/12 Adult Side 4/3/12

Monday, April 2 - Big planning going on with our construction supervisor and an assistant.

Adult Side 4/2/12

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